About Professional Housing Tours

IMG_0721Professional Housing Tours & Conferences was formed in 1990 by Kevin Pfeifer, whose consulting and seminar endeavors have formed the basis for more than thirty successful years in the homebuilding industry.Professional Housing Tours & Conferences stages five to six public housing tours each year, plus a number of private tours for individual companies.The public tours are held in the Spring and Fall in markets all across North America, and provide builders and architects the opportunity, in just two days, to see up to one hundred of the best and most successful decorated model homes in any given market.

The tours allow participants an opportunity to expand their current market research by visiting the “laboratory” of the marketplace, to see firsthand the latest trends in floorplans, exterior and interior architecture, as well as land planning, interior decorating, sales offices and marketing strategies. It is perhaps the best type of research because it offers real product ideas and real consumer evaluations (in the form of traffic and sales results).

Prior to each tour, Kevin Pfeifer personally researches the marketplace to identify which communities are selling, and why. Using his extensive background as a product and marketing consultant, he then identifies those projects that are selling well because of outstanding design or marketing (not simply because of location and price), and spots those communities particularly rich in today’s newest and best design trends.

IMG_0653The result is an incredibly efficient and effective two-day tour in which participating builders see far more product than they possibly could when touring on their own. Moreover, the quality of the product included is always the “best of the best.” This value is perhaps best illustrated by the fact that most participants take over 300 photos on a typical tour, and that many of the attendees on any given tour are repeat customers, many attending two or three tours each year.


Meet Kevin Pfeifer

kevin_pfeiferKevin Pfeifer is one of the real estate industry’s most highly respected marketing consultants and speakers who has dedicated more than 30 years of his career to the homebuilding field.

A noted author and one of the industry’s most sought after speakers, he is the founder and principal of Pfeifer Consulting, a real estate consulting firm, and Professional Housing Tours & Conferences, a seminar and conference company.

His consulting work spans the entire spectrum of marketing, with primary emphasis on market research, product strategy and product development. His company also offers consulting services in the areas of promotional marketing strategies, as well as growth strategies and organizational structure.

His client list over the years includes most of the largest builders in the country, plus numerous regional builders, as well as smaller, local builders. His consulting clients have ranged from the U.S., to Canada, Germany, New Zealand, and Australia.

His public and in-house seminars span a wide range of topics, from Product Trends seminars and two-day Housing Tours, to Advertising and Sales Training programs, including his popular New Home Marketing Retreat and Sales Retreat programs.

His housing tours have been offered for more than 20 years and have been attended by thousands of homebuilders, developers, architects and interior designers. The 2 day tours have been staged in markets including Orange County, San Diego, Vancouver, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver, Houston, Chicago, Washington D.C., Atlanta, and South Florida.

Mr. Pfeifer is also well known for his numerous books and articles on real estate marketing, including Advertising & Public Relations for the Homebuilder and The Strategic Marketing Planner. He is currently working on three additional books incorporating the full range of marketing, from Market Research, to Advertising and Promotion, to Sales Training.

For eight years he edited and published his own newsletter, The Pfeifer Report, and for nearly twelve years he was a Contributing Editor and regular columnist to Professional Builder Magazine.

Between his consulting, tours and seminar work, Mr. Pfeifer has personally visited more than 12,000 decorated model homes all across the country, a valuable exposure that adds a unique perspective to his consulting and seminar work.

Originally from Ohio, Mr. Pfeifer grew up in Orange County since 1966, and graduated from the University of California.

If you have any questions or comments for Kevin, he can be reached at his e-mail address, Kevin@housingtours.com.